Bed and Biscuits
"Let our family take care of yours"


At Bed and Biscuits, we do not use shock collars or any negative reinforcement style of training.  Our students experience a positive and progressive style with praise as their reward.

Basic Training:
This is for dogs that have never had any prior training or need a refresher coarse.  It consist of 3 weeks while boarding here.  Visiting your dog during their stay is welcomed.  The exercises taught consist of:
- Heal on Lead
- Recall
- Sit Stay
- Down Stay

Advanced Training:
"Off-Lead Training" is for the more experienced dog that has been through some prior type of Basic Training.  The exercises taught are the same as our "Basic Training"; however, it is all done off lead.  It consist of 4 weeks while boarding here.  Visiting your dog while staying here is always welcomed.

*With all training, our students are video taped after the training period is over.  

Please see our YouTube Channel for videos:

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